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The Sun blows its top — again

Every once in awhile, a kind of hole blows out in the Sun’s atmosphere — a “coronal hole,” as it is called. And it has happened again, this time on top of the Sun.

You can see it above in a sequence of images captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft, or SDO, in different wavelengths of light. Look for the big dark area on the Sun’s cap.

Not to worry! This is completely normal.

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Ordinarily, the Sun’s magnetic field lines extend u

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Can the oxygen in the blood be measured if the nails have been painted?

When a patient is admitted to ED, one of the first clinical actions is to measure the concentration of oxygen in the blood by using a pulse oximeter positioned along the length of the nail. To prevent any possible interference, any nail varnish is removed. A study conducted by a multidisciplinary team led by a team of the UPV/EHU establishes that the alteration caused by nail varnish lies within the standard margin of error (± 2%) for pulse oximeters.

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