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Miitomo hits No. 1 on U.S. iOS App Store in less than 24 hours

Nintendo has stormed onto mobile, and gamers are eating it up. Miitomo, the publisher’s first smartphone app, is the No. 1 most downloaded game for iPhone and iPad in the United States, according to market-tracking firm Sensor Tower. The social app, which GamesBeat is enjoying, only came out this morning. That means it has rushed to […]

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Apple iPhone SE event showed that…(yawn)…the future is…zzzzzzzzz

ANALYSIS: You know you’re at an Apple Event when the audience applauds raucously after the person on stage announces…woven nylon watch bands. Indeed, such is our tech culture’s current obsession with all things Apple, that this announcement even prompts a long-winded article from Wired examining the military history that lies behind WOVEN NYLON WATCH BANDS. And you […]

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Apple introduces a smaller iPad Pro starting at $599

Apple today unveiled its second iPad Pro tablet at an event at the Town Hall facility at company headquarters in Cupertino, California. The new device isn’t the biggest or best iPad yet, but it’s certainly not the worst one, either. Apple launched the productivity-oriented iPad Pro six months ago, five years after coming out with […]

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