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Smartwatch maker Pebble released a new OS update today, introducing support for tracking long naps — arguably the best kind of naps one can take.

The release, version 3.11, also expands the smartwatch’s ability to send iMessage replies; the feature now works for iPhone-owning Verizon subscribers, in addition to AT&T support, which debuted in November. Although Pebble’s ability to integrate closely with iOS devices remains limited (by Apple’s design), this is a pretty big deal for the company, which competes directly with Apple’s Watch, Android Wear watches, and Fibit trackers.

Pebble offered us the following explanation for the Verizon and AT&T work around:

We encourage Pebble users with iOS devices to let Apple know that they would enjoy more actions made available. In the meantime, we introduce features like iOS Text Reply with the help of wireless carriers to bypass the restrictions we encounter in current versions of Apple’s mobile operating system.

The update also introduces custom vibration patterns, “overall” more accurate sleep tracking, as well as the ability to snooze events on the watch. Life’s better when you can just put stuff off and nap all day.

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